Beaudry Provincial Park

Beaudry Provincial Park
The park is located just south of the Trans Canada Highway along the Assiniboine River has much to offer its visitors. Beaudry’s woods are home to some of Manitoba’s largest elm, cottonwood and maple trees.

Backcountry trails will lead you through lush forest, and along the wandering Assiniboine River’s south bank. The park also features natural grass prairies. Beaudry Park offers many picnic sites, self-guided walking trails, cross-country ski and snowmobile trails.

Joe Legault ParkIs located in Elie and has a picnic area, walking trail and benches. It also has a cenotaph and is home to the restored first grader used in the RM of Cartier.

Magloire Park

Maggie Park

Located in Elie, it has picnic tables, an open grassed field, play structure and sandbox. It also is home to our Centennial Clock.

Vrel Park

Located off Lido Plage South along Robideaux Road and Moutier Bay. It has a play structure, ball diamond and open grass fields.

Nicola Park

Nicola Park

Located on Lido Plage North along the Assiniboine River. It has a new play structure, picnic table, basketball courts, BBQ pits, horseshoe pits, an open field and walking path.

St. Eustache

At the community club, there is a ball diamond and horseshoe pits. A play structure is located at Ecole St. Eustache.


Springstein CC
Has 2 recreational areas. One is an open field with a ball diamond. The second area has a play structure, swings, a basketball court and tennis court.

Headingley Grand Trunk Trail 

The Headingley Grand Trunk Trail is a 10 kilometer walking/biking trail following the route of the old Grand Trunk Pacific Railroad through the RM of Cartier to the West Perimeter of Winnipeg.
Discover some of the Grand Trunk line's history, and see how the Headingley Grand Trunk Trail Association is reclaiming the past.